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MY Plea to Illinois' voters

Hello Illionians, I am a 16 year old political activist and while I cannot vote in this year’s election, I would be gratified if you allowed me to give you my opinion on this year’s GOP Presidential Primary.

I have tremendous respect for every remaining candidate, but I do have my preference. And that preference is in the Ted Cruz camp, NOW WAIT, allow me to give my argument for him. I understand the draw for Donald Trump, his antiestablishment and complete outsiderness that he brings to the table is very appetizing. But every time I read about him or listen to him speak, I observe a man who does not have a set of core principles. Instead, I see a man who is a salesman, willing to say and do anything to get elected. This includes sacrificing important beliefs we Conservatives hold, and only recently changing his positions on the very things he is campaigning on, such as immigration and health care. In other words, he will give up any belief he thinks is not going to get him ahead.

This is terrifying for me, especially if this becomes the new standard for Conservatives, a man with no core beliefs. This is why I side with Ted Cruz, he has shown that he does have a core set of views that he is not willing to give up for his own political gain. Cruz has proven this time and time again (e.g. opposing Ethanol subsidies in Iowa, and defending the constitution in the supreme court) whether it be during his time as attorney general at Texas or as a senator in the U.S. Senate. Trump has no proven record, in fact he has the opposite. What conservative cause has Trump ever done anything to consistently support? Trump has a record of saying whatever is popular at the time and changing his views at a whim.

Please give your decision on who to elect a ton of thought before you go to the polls this March 15. Remember that as man with principles, Cruz has never waned. He is the man that will stand firm when the establishment comes knocking on the President’s door asking for him to compromise his beliefs to pass some crony bill. He is the man that I, and I am sure most of you, want in office. And if you want the same type of principled conservative representing you in the U.S. Senate, vote Jamer T. Marter!

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