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On the Topic of the 2018 Elections

Image from RealClearPolitics Senate Map

Image from RealClearPolitics Senate Map

The disastrous miracle of the Donald Trump Presidency continues to harmfully bless the Republican Party and Conservatives throughout this election cycle. Not only is it all but certain the GOP will gain seats in the Senate, but the chances for a Democrat-controlled house are starting to slim up. The destruction of the Blue Wave was practically self-inflicted by the Democrats. Still, they continue to stab themselves with their own weapons.

Take Sen. Warren and the "Indian" heritage fiasco that even CNN sees as faulty(See: CNN Article). The fact that she is seen as a leader for the Democrats going into the 2020 election shows that the DNC has not learned. The Project Veritas videos on the Arizona Sen. McCaskill demonstrates that even more faults in established Dem Senators exist. When blue seats in New Jersey and Michigan have entered into the national conversations as competitive races, the idea of a blue typhoon must be forgotten.

That is not to say the Republicans have not made multiple mistakes in this race, frustratingly so. Virginia's GOP decision to elect Corey Stewart, a man that has had to distance himself from multiple KKK and white supremacists, has shattered the chances for the GOP to compete there. The National GOP likewise has made mistakes in states like Wisconsin(an open seat this year) with Leah Vukmir, refusing to fundraise with the candidate. Wisconsin should have been on the top of the list for Republicans, but instead, that seat was ignored for other states less competitive.

There is a difference between the GOP's failures and the failures of the DNC; the GOP has failed in individual races, the DNC has failed nationally. The DNC has a Kavanaugh problem, an Antifa problem, and a message problem. The attempted destruction of Kavanaugh with allegations that have no corroborating evidence has given the DNC the image of "We will destroy those we disagree with." The approval of Antifa and mob mentality has given the DNC the image of "We will hurt those we disagree with." Finally, the Anti-Trump message of the DNC has given them the image of "We will always hate and never build." Instead of the DNC focusing on their message of inclusion and infrastructure growth, they just denounce the latest Trump tweet. A party whose only identity is to be the opposition can never build enough support from the middle of the road voters. Pointing fingers will never win, there is a reason why Obama was more popular in 2012(See: Gallup Polls) and not afterward when his favorite phrase became "It's still Bush's Fault."

The outcome of the election has been widdled down to a few races, the Senate is out of reach for the DNC, and the Democrats cannot unite behind anything other than opposition. Time is running out for not only 2018 but 2020 when the DNC must unite behind someone to run against Trump. If the DNC cannot create a unifying message beyond Trump hate, their failure in races will continue.

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