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Never Trust a Politician Promising You Stuff

Most politician are just this guy, Photo is Copyright 21st Century Fox.

Politicians are untrustworthy, why? Pretty simple, things change. When someone, especially non-incumbents, run a campaign, they try to be personal with people about individual struggles. “I will fight for you” is a common slogan passed along by those seeking office. What does that even mean? Often it gets interpreted that they will fight specifically for you, but often times they are making a generalization. "I will fight for the general cause" is what they really mean.

When politicians promise people things, money, or programs never ever take them at face value. If a politician says read my lips, "No new taxes"(See Bush Sr.) or "You can keep your doctor"(See Obama), do not put faith in that action. Politicians face new challenges every day and end up making a decision; keep a campaign promise or keep most people happy.

I live in Illinois, therefore, see this first hand every election cycle.

I cannot wait till JB Pritzker and the Democrats fix everything that Rauner messed up, oh wait, they have controlled this state for decades. Rauner, for his part, kept his campaign promise fiscally by refusing to sign an unbalanced budget... Oh wait, he caved in and signed in the same type of spending bill that brought us here(he also signed in multiple social bills that broke campaign promises, but enough of that). I have seen no changes in the way Springfield runs, in fact, it is worse. Now Pritzker will fix everything with his great campaign promises, yeah right.

Politicians are not the solution; freedom is the solution. Politicians cannot help everyone out. The policies they create are for the general public, not the individual, and when considering the general public, there must be compromises. Sacrifices like "more taxes" and "different doctors" must occur in order to apply it broadly. A politician that comes in stating, "I cannot fight for your dreams, but I can fight for your right to pursue them" is the only one telling the truth.

No politician can make you happy, no party can make you happy, and no one else can achieve your dreams. What they can do is give you the freedom to pursue them and that is what voters should look for, a candidate pushing freedom, not promises.

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