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‘Twas the night before midterms

Photo from CNN

‘Twas the night before midterms, and in the white house

A stack of tweets was ready, prepared to trounce

For both outcomes they were prepared

To be rubbed in noses or acting like they don’t care

The media sleeping with troubled tearing eyes

Cause if the orange man won, they would all cry

And democrats sweating about the results

The midterms it seemed, were all but lost

Believe in the polls they all said to each other

Forgetting 2016 like it was just a small blunder

The DNC trying hard to figure it out

How to rig the general so there is no doubt

Blame was ready to be given out

Russians, racism, and evil is the shout

Everything but the candidates to be blamed

One must wonder if it’s just a game

Perhaps more violence would finally win it

Storm into more restaurants may be the ticket

Mueller still somewhere plotting and scheming

But two years approach and still he has nothing

While the democrats lay scared in their sheets

The republicans are hoping for a repeat

A belief in a win was what they were holding

Perhaps an upset to start all the gloating

Because even with all of their many faults

They never got caught promoting assaults

Their promises may not be kept

And compromises will surely be met

Conservatives will be hushed and told to settle down

Campaign promises do not come into D.C. town

Budgets may be unbalanced as per usual

Leaving some to shout unconstitutional

Debt as far as the eye can see, growing steadily everyday

The unborn next generation, is of course expected to pay

No one cares for the other’s burdens

Talk about that is called a sermon

Instead focus on the here and now

Look 2%APR with just 5% down!

‘Twas the night before the election, one thing is sure

That there will be voters with voices unheard

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