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A New Pharaoh that Does not Know Joseph

Power is a tricky thing; once you have it, you never want to give it up. Once you give it to someone else, you have to fight and kick and scream to get it back. Once you give it to the government, hang it up.

We are in a crisis, they say, that needs immediate attention and action to keep the country safe. This means more spending, big deficits, and a willingness to give up individual liberty for the greater good. I SUPPORT MASK WEARING! I support social distancing. I also believe more people need to take this virus seriously, but think about laws before you pass them.

If you can justify making a law that dictates everyone must wear a mask for the safety of all, you can justify making a law that dictates no one can wear a burka for the safety of all. If the safety of everyone is in jeopardy because churches are meeting in large groups today, what will change in the future? A vaccine? What about the next mutation? What if we just ban large church gatherings, period? They can be hotspots for a ton of diseases.

You may like restaurants being barred from having dine-in today, but do you truly understand the power that places in the hands of your local and state governments? Federal government too if the Biden presidency tries such a mandate. Yes, it may be good now, but what happens when there is a new pharaoh that does not know Joseph? For my big-governments friends, what if someone like Trump (who you think is an evil orange man who is a fascist) wins in the future and can simply close businesses in areas where protesting is occurring for the reason of public safety? What if he/she refuses to let those businesses open again until all protesting stops? DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE POWER YOU ARE PLAYING WITH?

Do you understand that powers that are granted in one crisis do not have to be granted again in a different one? They stay. They never leave. Then someone else will come along who wants to use them for their own gain. Then all of a sudden the same people who supported it are now protesting its invasion of their rights.

A new pharaoh who does not know Joseph.

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